Lormar stud was first, Kismet Riding Horse Stud 1945-1965. In 1965 the name changed and became Lormar standing for Lorraine and Marathon. The mare Lorraine from the Kismet Riding Stud won the first big endurance race in 1965. She won the 127 mile Landbou Weekblad Horse Marathon between Hanover, De Aar and Richmond. In the same race another horse bred by Kismet, Cruiser finished 12th. The same year Lorraine won her race, Lormar Blazes won the first ride that was held for children riders in 1965 over a distance of 30 miles with a time of 1:42 at an average speed of 17 miles per hour. Kismet Riding Stud was started by Petrus Johannes van der Merwe, then this son Petrus took over and today it is run by the father and sons Piet with Pieter & Briers, the 3rd and 4th generation of Arabian horse lovers.

Lormar Stud is situated on the farm Fairview in the Karoo between Middelburg ( Eastern Cape ) and Richmond (Northern Cape). The Lormar breeding program, breeds tough horses, that gets raised in harsh conditions with temperatures -14 in winter to 40 degrees Celsius in summer. The Karoo ground is hard, but the soil is rich in trace elements. The drinking water is full of many different minerals. It is these conditions that produces top quality endurance horses, with good strong bones and stamina.